A little about Belly Dancing:       

Bellydancing is a traditional female dance that is performed it the Middle East and North Africa. Throughout the centuries and still today women belly- dance at parties, family gatherings, and rites of passage ceremonies. Prior to the 1800's little is known about bellydancing. Many believe that it orginated as a part of a religious rites in India. One of the greatest misconception about bellydance is that it is intended to entertain men. Centeries ago the sexes were segregated. Men often were not allowed to be present. 

Bellydancing creates self-confidence through artistic self-expression. It is a dance that is natural to a woman�s bone and muscle structure. The movements center on the torso rather than the legs and feet. The Belly- dancer learns to isolate parts of her body, while continuing to remain feminine as she interprets her dance.  Dancers often use veils, finger cymbals (Zills - Turkish), swords, candelabrum, and brass trays to enhance their dance performance. Although some dancers perform in shoes, bellydancing is often performed barefoot, some think that this represents and intimate connection between the dancer and nature.

Kitana is dedicated to the dance and will continue to seek out and encourage new generations of bellydancers to continue to study and perform this intriguing ancient dance.

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