$125.00  30minute performance       $300.00  1-hour performance
Call 409  466-4998


Upcoming Events TBA

Workshop and Performance Schedule
Have Kitana or the Blades perform for you.
* Princess Parties * Sweet Sixteen Parties* Mardi - Gras * Workshops * Motivational speaking and performance * Perform along with your Jazz or R&B  Bands * Open Concerts or provide entertainment during concerts : Religious, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop etc... * After Parties where staging is available * office parties   * weddings   * belly grams   * birthdays   * jokes   * anniversaries * Health Fairs  
( Able to perform in any type of costume including jeans, praise dance attire, traditional Bellydance attire etc.....)  

NO Bachelor Parties


( Appearances in Photo Shoots/Videos/ Plays and Commercials are not included in this price.  Please contact Kitana for pricing. )

Kitana   $125.00  30minute performance       $300.00  1-hour performance
Call 409  466-4998
(Kitana is also available for Health Fairs /Conference/ Ice Breakers, Spiritual / Religious,  Motivational Speaker, Workshop Presentations for your office, organization, women clubs, marriage/ relationship ministries etc...  )

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